AGV Systems

Our AGV systems consist of one or more vehicles, supervisory logistic control software, and supporting infrastructure.

Advanced Logistics Solutions
Our logistic systems are optimized to suit the customer’s needs and are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Our comprehensive standard AGV range offers three vehicle types: CompactMover, MaxMover, and UniMover.

  • CompactMover AGVs are designed to carry small, light loads such as pallets, metal boxes, and plastic totes. These multi-load vehicles are available with a variety of load handling devices.
  • MaxMover AGVs transport heavy loads of various sizes and types. The most popular MaxMover AGVs are automated forklifts. We provide many load handling device variants, which are available as single-load or dual-load vehicles.
  • UniMovers AGVs, available in a wide range of sizes and with varied carrying capacities, are tunneling vehicles that drive beneath the load, lift the load, and transport it to its destination.

In addition to our standard AGV range, we offer custom-made special carriers, adapted to specific loads and applications. The turnkey engineering design is based on the customer’s operating environment, production processes, and requirements.


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The LEGO Group, a privately held company based in Billund, Denmark, is the world’s fifth largest toys and games manufacturer. Over the past few years, with great success, LEGO® has been challenging thinking on how to engage fans across all ages in innovation.

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Delphi Automotive Systems

Delphi Automotive Systems’ Plant 45 (Ohio, USA) manufactures plastic components for both internal use in other Delphi products and external customers. At the plant set-up, AGVs were selected because they allow for single unit product flow and were more than twice as cost effective as the next best method.

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