Met meer dan 30 jaar ervaring in material handling en logistieke oplossingen, worden de Oceaneering AGV-systemen wereldwijd ingezet in diverse markten. Onze ingenieurs, project managers en service teams werken conform de hoge eisen die gesteld worden in gereguleerde, tijdgevoelige werkomgevingen.

With more than 30 years of experience in materials handling and logistics solutions, Oceaneering AGV systems are used globally across diverse markets. Our engineering, project management, and service teams work to meet the demands of regulated, time-sensitive environments.

AGV systems used in the automotive industry meet new logistical challenges and the demand for highly flexible solutions to drive down supply chain costs. Our AGVs frequently replace conventional, often outdated, material handling technology in an effort to optimize productivity and throughput in manufacturing. Additionally, AGV systems have the potential to increase safety in automated, time-critical operations.

Our systems are integrated into the healthcare market to ensure organized and timely on-demand delivery of critical-to-care hospital goods. They support the expedited completion of required tasks, including waste disposal and meal delivery, while offering a competitive edge to supply chain management, centralizing logistics, and helping harmonize material flow.

The pharmaceutical industry benefits from our AGV systems’ operational agility, integrated communications, and high efficiency in an extremely regulated and competitive market. Our vehicles and SuperFROG® software provide customers with tracking and tracing capabilities within a clean work environment, both imperative in the pharmaceutical industry.

We deliver solutions for retailers, wholesalers, and e-commerce operators whose demand for rapid delivery had increased considerably. Our systems are fully customizable, scalable, and optimized for order picking and consolidation methods. We meet the customer’s needs by handling a continuous flow of materials.

Process uptime and consistency of throughput are essential for customers in this industry. AGVs are used to transport heavy-load aluminum and steel coils, ingots, and other final products consistently in outdoor and indoor environments during both hot and cold production processes.

Our logistic solutions are used to support capital-intensive, automated production environments. Customizable solutions can be engineered for the transport of raw and finished materials in totes, bins, pans, and boxes. They provide vertical integration of smart production systems and transparency and flexibility across the entire supply chain.


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General Motors

The General Motors automobile factory in Lordstown, Ohio was looking to automate their final assembly process in order to meet increased demand.

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At the ‘Transparent Factory’ in Dresden (Germany) the Volkswagen Phaeton is being assembled entirely by hand. However, the supply of materials to the assembly line and transportation of the drive train are fully automated using two types of customized AGVs. In total 56 vehicles are operational in Volkswagens futuristic technology center.

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Special Carriers are Frog AGVs specially adapted to its specific load. The vehicles are used for transportation of heavy loads or odd sizes. Special Carrier applications have been realized (a.o.) in the steel industry (Avesta, Corus) and medical sector (UMC).

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