Company History


Since 1984 we are a worldwide pioneer in the development, production and maintenance of logistic systems, using automated guided vehicles.
Our foresight and technological AGV insights and system developments have led to entirely new applications within the logistics industry.

Major milestones in our history:

1984 - Frog is founded in Utrecht, The Netherlands.
1987 - First AGV prototype equipped with Free Ranging On Grid (FROG) controls is demonstrated at the CeMat in Hannover, Germany.
1988 - First Frog AGV system implemented at Apple Singapore.
1991 - Frog delivers its first heavy duty (25 metric tons) AGV system for a steel coil application.
1991 - Frog opens its US office.
1994 - Navigation using a magnet grid is developed by Frog.
1995 - A world premiere: the world's first fully automated container terminal opens at ECT of Rotterdam, The Netherlands with 50 AGVs, controlled by Frog.
1995 - Frog develops an AGV for a military shooting range.
1997 - Frog opens its German office.
1997 - Frog developes its first People Mover application, which is running at Amsterdam Airport.
2000 - Frog is responsible for the controls of a highly succesful 45-vehicle trackless Dark Ride at Tokyo Disneyland.
2003 - Frog is awarded the prestigious 'Tier 1' status by an important US automobile manufacturer.
2005 - The first fully automated bus running at 50 mph is going live in Eindhoven, The Netherlands.
2008 - Frog supplies an 80-vehicle AGV system, responsible for automating the entire internal logistics of one of the leading US hospitals.
2011 - Frog converts 3rd party vehicles into AGVs, such as Magaziner and Still vehicles
2013 - Frog becomes part of Oceaneering International, Inc.
2016 - FROG AGV Systems changes the business name in Oceaneering AGV Systems. Check