About Oceaneering AGV Systems

Oceaneering AGV Systems develops and markets Automated Guided Vehicle Systems (AGVS) and navigation hard- and software. We help companies become more productive at lower operating cost through efficient handling and movement of materials.


A Frog AGV can handle all your material handling needs - from small parts in totes weighing 50 pounds to pallets and even steel coils or containers weighing 50 tons or more. A Frog AGV can handle just about any load and move it automatically in most environments, indoors or outdoors. Customers include multinationals such as VW, General Motors, Nestlé, Sony and Hewlett Packard, but also smaller, local manufacturers and (3rd party) warehousing companies.

Frog AGV Systems provides its customers global support through strategically located offices in the Netherlands, Germany and the US and through a worldwide network of partners and licensees.

Whether you have a need for an indoor or outdoor automated system, it doesn't matter to Frog's specialists. With close to 25 years of company experience in various types of industry, there is always a proven solution available in Frog's portfolio. Frog's development team is continuously working towards an even higher level of system intelligence, while maintaining the system's user friendliness. This ensures that you are 'navigating into the future'.

Frog is "YOUR SMARTEST MOVE", especially if it relates to solving your logistic automation requirements.


Foto van referentie Volkswagen


At the ‘Transparent Factory’ in Dresden (Germany) the Volkswagen Phaeton is being assembled entirely by hand. However, the supply of materials to the assembly line and transportation of the drive train are fully automated using two types of customized AGVs. In total 56 vehicles are operational in Volkswagens futuristic technology center.

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