FokkerElmo in Hoogerheide, the Netherlands is manufacturer of aircraft wiring harnesses.

FEIn 2011, Fokker Elmo wanted to replace their automatic guided vehicles in the factory and had requested Frog AGV Systems to supply the necessary transport system and services for this.

The system transports several goods placed manually in boxes on the AGV. The AGV has a rack with three shelves. Each shelf has a standing edge of 30 mm to prevent the goods from falling. The operational scenario is based on a system up time of 10 hours a day with 3 AGV’s. The AGV navigates by a combination of odometry and a laser scanner on top of the AGV. The reflectors for the laser scanner are placed in the Fokker Elmo layout for optimal position accuracy.

The operator and warehouse employee generates transport orders in the system or request an AGV. This is possible with a web base interface on a handheld computer. Every AGV has his own charger/parking location in the warehouse. When there are no transports assigned to the AGV, the AGV will park at this location. The maximum time between an AGV request and an AGV arrival is less than 300 sec in the case that there is only one call pending and no other transport jobs.

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Foto van product BoxRunners


Box Runner sind Fahrerlose Transportfahrzeuge (FTF), die kleinere Ladungen wie z.B. Kartonagen oder Behälter befördern können. Die Fahrzeuge sind klein und deren Ladung ist leicht. Diese Fahrzeuge werden u. a. bei Sony und Delphi Automotive Systems eingesetzt.

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