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Recently Dutch Cheese producer DOC Kaas opened a new facility in Hoogeveen The Netherlands, where production is completely automated. A key part in the facility design is the Frog AGV system.

Loaded AGVFrog's AGV handles boxes filled with cheese. The AGV has been equipped with a double chain conveyer that can carry two boxes. The AGV's maximum payload is 1200 kgs per pallet position. The AGV transports two boxes at a time from the palletizer to the automated storage system. DOC Kaas has chosen for an AGV system because of the fact that there is also crossing traffic of forklifts in the routing. Therefore a conveyor was not an option. The fact that DOC Kaas is working with a 5 days work shift makes it possible to get a very fast return on investment even though the AGV is driving a short route. One of the important considerations for purchasing the AGV system from Frog AGV Systems is the fact that the patent grid system of Frog can be easily adjusted for future expansions.


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Arla Foods produces cheese in their factory in Hřgelund (Denmark). In their logistic process there is an Automatic Transport System (ATS) from Frog used for transporting pallets in the packaging and storage areas. The ATS consists of 3 Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV) and two automatic battery chargers.

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Pallet Movers are Frog AGV’s designed for transportation of all pallet sizes. The load itself can range from glass bottles to large computers, printers or steel sheets. Pallet Mover applications have been installed at (a.o.) Nestlé, ACI and Hewlett Packard.

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