Arla Foods produces cheese in their factory in Hřgelund (Denmark). In their logistic process there is an Automatic Transport System (ATS) from Frog used for transporting pallets in the packaging and storage areas. The ATS consists of 3 Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV) and two automatic battery chargers.

WegrijdenThe production areas consist of two packaging areas, one storage area and one area used to store finished goods:

- Packaging 1&2 -> the manual packaging of pallets: on demand delivery of packaging or pick-up of finished goods

- Storage of packaging material

- Finished goods storage area with automatic palletizers, pallet wrapper and (cold) storage of wrapped pallets for shipping

The AGV system handles 8 pallet types, varying in dimensions but each with a maximum of 1000 kg. The transport orders are transmitted from a PLC by Arla to the AGV-master control SuperFrog ®. This combines and optimizes the orders and assigns them to individual vehicles. Pick-up orders can also be entered manually via a touch-screen-terminal.

The AGV supports the following pallet handling movements:

- Pick up from floor or specified pick up height

- Drop off at floor or specified drop off height

- Drop off at gravity lane (tilt)

- Drop off at pallet (stacking)

Product type

Foto van product PalletMovers


Pallet Movers are Frog AGV’s designed for transportation of all pallet sizes. The load itself can range from glass bottles to large computers, printers or steel sheets. Pallet Mover applications have been installed at (a.o.) Nestlé, ACI and Hewlett Packard.

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