The Belgian logistic supplier ODTH nv. from Rumpst had a wish to automated a part of their warehouse to replace the manual forklifts. After searching for several solutions they have chosen for an AGV system from Frog AGV Systems BV.

AGV Close-UpThe logistic supplier ODTH nv. from Rumpst, Belgium has installed a Frog AGV System in their warehouse in Willebroek Belgium. ODTH nv. is the logistic supplier of Proctor & Gamble, manufacturer of the well known Pringles chips. Proctor & Gamble move their pallets by specially prepared trucks with chain conveyors to the warehouse of ODTH nv. The pallets are being unloaded at one time to the automated load and unloadconveyor that is located at the warehouse of ODTH. The counterbalance AGV from Frog unload the pallets from the automatic load and unload conveyor and sort the pallets out by type of Pringles and placed them in rows on the expedition floor. To achieve that, the AGV reads barcode’s that are on the pallets. In the barcode there is also information on what type of pallet there is to be handled. The system checks automatically witch rows on the floor are free. The propulsion of the AGV is fully electrical. The AGV has a lifting height of 3,5 mtr. The lifting of the mast is also fully electrical. An advantage of that is that there is no hydraulics so the maintenance cost of the AGV is kept low. ODTH nv. can monitor the pallet flow through the supervisor SuperFrog. The AGV replaced the transport movements done by manual forklifts. ODTH nv. is a logistic supplier that has multiple automated solutions integrated in there operation like the recent developed Magic Black Box( look at www.odth.be). ODTH nv. has chosen for Frog AGV Systems BV because of the flexible magnet grid system from Frog and the extensive features of the supervisor SuperFrog that made it possible to scan from the vehicle and sort the pallets out.

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Pallet Movers are Frog AGV’s designed for transportation of all pallet sizes. The load itself can range from glass bottles to large computers, printers or steel sheets. Pallet Mover applications have been installed at (a.o.) Nestlé, ACI and Hewlett Packard.

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