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The 15-year old AGV system of Delphi Wuppertal needed to be replaced by a modern, more flexible system. The scope of supply included the required P&D stations for the 56 injection molding machines.

BoxRunnersThe vehicles deliver empty carriers and transport the filled totes/boxes to quality control and expedition. De totes are used for unfinished (Delphi) products, while the boxes are used for finished customer products going. The maximum load is 20kg.

Each vehicle has three load positions, all equipped with an extractable roller conveyor. This facilitates using passive P&D stations, ensuring a considerable costs savings. The stations also have three load positions: for empty, to fill and filled totes/boxes. An integrated scale ensures each box is filled with the amount of product assigned by the WMS.

The WMS generates transport assignments which are optimized by SuperFROG based on a time dependent prioritization. Every 24-hours approximately 1.600 transport assignments are dealt with. Delphi selected Frog based on the cost savings realized by the passive P&D stations. Additionally Frog proved capable of reducing waiting time of the injection molding machines by means of time dependent prioritization. Installation of the system was done in parallel to the operational system. Late 2004 the transition was completed.

Product type

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Box Runners are Frog AGV’s designed to carry small loads: e.g. cardboard or metal boxes and plastic totes. The vehicles are small and the loads are light. Box Runner applications have been installed at (a.o.) Sony and Delphi Automotive Systems.

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