Tata Steel

On Tata Steel’s Continuous Annealing line (CA-12) in IJmuiden (Netherlands), a strip of steel is heated to 600ºC and quickly cooled down again – causing the structure of the steel to become soft and therefore suitable for packaging products. Frog AGVs transport the steel coils between the Continues Annealing line and the storage area

Coil AGVIn 1989, four AGVs were selected to replace an overhead crane that could not meet the required increase in lifting capacity (25 tons). Unlike new cranes, the installation of the AGVs did not imply reinforcement of the production shop floor – resulting in substantial savings. The coils are lifted by means of two arms fixed to a lifting frame that can move along the length of the vehicle. Sensors on the arms are used to determine the location of the coil center and ensure an accuracy of 5mm. Coil damage and consequent costly stoppages of the production process are thus prevented.

At Tata Steel, SuperFROG works in close conjunction with TOSCA, the control system for the entire transport and storage process at CA-12. TOSCA generates transport orders consisting of an origin, destination, unique steel coil code, diameter, width and orientation of the coil. The orders are communicated to the vehicles via SuperFROG. All 4 straddle carrier AGVs have been refurbished with the latest hardware platform version of the Frogbox. By this replacement Corus has prolonged the life of the system by twelve years.

Product type

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Special Carriers are Frog AGVs specially adapted to its specific load. The vehicles are used for transportation of heavy loads or odd sizes. Special Carrier applications have been realized (a.o.) in the steel industry (Avesta, Corus) and medical sector (UMC).

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