Delphi Automotive Systems

Delphi Automotive Systemsí Plant 45 (Ohio, USA) manufactures plastic components for both internal use in other Delphi products and external customers. At the plant set-up, AGVs were selected because they allow for single unit product flow and were more than twice as cost effective as the next best method.

Finished Goods Drop-OffConsequently Delphi selected Frog for offering maximum flexibility and adaptability. Important criteria based on past experiences. The ability to change routing and the operating area without intervention of the supplier was extensively used during the phased construction of the plant. ’ Installation and on-site testing of the AGV system were conducted while only a few of the work cells operational. Changing routes (almost on a daily basis) and the addition of finalized new wells were easily realized through SuperFROGs lay-out editor.

The 8 AGVs transport empty totes and boxes to the molding machines and finished goods from the machines to the packout area. Jobs are generated as the operator enters a print request for a label after checking the quality of the products. All vehicles are capable of carrying three totes or boxes using three individual conveyor belts. Handling is possible on both sides of the vehicles, using extractable shuttles and passive P&D stations. A second identical plant has also been fitted with 8 Frog AGVs.

Product type

Foto van product BoxRunners


Box Runners are Frog AGVís designed to carry small loads: e.g. cardboard or metal boxes and plastic totes. The vehicles are small and the loads are light. Box Runner applications have been installed at (a.o.) Sony and Delphi Automotive Systems.

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